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Gardening Classes

Looking to grow your own food?  Concerned about skyrocketing food prices? Already have a garden but want to take it to the next step? Then this series is ideal for you. 

Here at Our Sustainable Family, we bring over 40 years of gardening and farming experience. But, more importantly, we have a passion for making gardening fun and accessible to anyone. 


Our Farm

We are located on a small rocky 3 acre parcel of land that is less than idea for farming, but it sure is an oasis for us. Our garden is less than an acre, but we are able to produce 75-90% of our yearly produce and 25% of the protein we eat throughout the year. Those might not be your goals, but we can sure help you find an easy path to gardening.


This set of monthly classes offers simplified guidance as to how to grow and harvest your own food. We share what we have learned through the years to make your gardening goals easier to obtain. 


While gardening books and online resources are bountiful, we find that working in the garden yourself puts the knowledge right in your hands. Also, we like to laugh and eat. What is better than learning how to grow your own food while having a good time? All classes except the first class in March will be held right in our garden in Sweet Valley. The first class on March 22nd will be held at a central location in Dallas, PA.


Our 6 classes will focus on the topics you need to make your 2023 growing season the best one yet. Classes are Wednesday nights from 6:15 - 7:30 pm:


3/22 (@ Back Mountain Makery in Dallas, PA): Planning your garden

4/12 (@ OSF): Plant proportion and timing

5/17 (@ OSF): The planting season

6/21(@ OSF): Maintaining your garden

7/19 (@ OSF): Preparing for harvest/ fall gardens

9/6 (@ OSF): Autumn tips and seed saving


Space is limited so register here for the entire 6 part series for only $40. At a later date, a drop in rate of $10/class may be offered if there is space. 


What questions do you have? Please feel free to reach out via facebook or email.

About your instructor: Lanie is a weaver, healer and farmer located in Sweet Valley PA. She grew up organic gardening in upstate NY and continued the legacy of growing her own food once she finished college. After 20 years as a wildlife biologist working on wind farms in NY and PA, she now as healing practice in Dallas, PA. As part of Our Sustainable Family, she has a craft weaving business as well as offers workshops on gardening, nature connection and healing.

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