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Lanie Garner-Winter

Inner Resilience Healing & Bodywork

Looking for relief from suffering? Inner Resilience Healing and Bodywork helps root your emotional and physical body and find your own Inner Resilience. Lanie's healing modality (called NIASZIIHhealing and Bodywork) is done on a healing table, fully clothed and will include some healing touch, body awareness and nature connection. Lanie works with emotional distress, trauma, cancer, autoimmune, nature connection and personal mentoring.


What is healing?

Whether you are struggling with a cancer diagnosis, a divorce, a misaligned hip, or personal trauma, we can find a way through it, together. I work with you to find that missing piece needed to connect to your own inner strength.

Reconnecting to self

We all come into this world with a set of skills suited to the challenge we face in our life. BUT, sometimes we need help reconnecting to those places in ourselves. Perhaps we never even knew we had that strength. Lanie has honed her craft to help you find a place of peace and stability.


What does this look like?

This might look on putting you on yoga blocks to realign your sacrum. Sometimes this looks like listening to the water flow over the rocks as we hash through childhood memories. Sometimes this looks like you sitting up straighter physically and metaphorically.


In the end, what it always feels like is a more connected you. Finding calm in the midst of a chaotic world is the power of finding your center.

Want to learn more?

Check out Lanie's website!

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