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Welcome to Our Sustainable Family

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We are Seven Billion Solutions

Séamus Ó Ceallaigh

Welcome to Our Sustainable Family. If you’re new to us you’re probably wondering who we are and for that matter, why we are here? The short answer is that we’re an ordinary family dedicated to living on a small farm and raising our son to learn how to grow his own food and make the basic things we need for homestead life. We initially thought to start this website as way to sell our home crafts and thus pay for our land taxes.

But we quickly realized that we reach out for reasons far more vital. When I was a single man I stubbornly pursued the vision of total self-sufficiency. I slowly learned that real sustainability isn’t an individual isolating himself but a community moving together toward a wiser relationship with the Earth. Our real desire in creating this website is to form community with you.

Despite all the forces of economy that train humanity to become the most dire problem on this planet, humanity is not the problem. Each of us are the solution. We are each of us a unique set of experiences and ideas that can offer yet another way to make humanity live better not just on the Earth but with the Earth.

I want you to know that you are the most valuable resource of all. You have the intelligence, the creativity, and the compassion that will change the way we build our world.

Our Sustainable Family wishes to share in the creation of a people-affirming 21st Century economy. We want to contribute to the reinvention of family farms and home-based, earth-friendly industry. We want to humanize the way we conduct commerce. We want to share the skills we’ve discovered from living on the land and the crafts we’ve created. We’re not here just to support our own little family farm but to support all of you who wish to build your own earth-connected lifestyle.


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Séamus Ó Ceallaigh
Séamus Ó Ceallaigh

Rulief, a hundred thousand thank you's for your generous comment. I'm really eager to use these blogs as a way that you and others will share ideas and add wisdom to our dialogue. If anyone reading our blogs has questions, don't be shy about using the comment feature to ask them. I may not know the right answer, but I'm certainly Irish enough to always give some sort of answer!


A noble aspiration bound to yield marvelous fruit.

First I look forward to the blossoms.

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